In•for•ma•tion /ˌinfərˈmāSHən/

Fugitive Ground (FG) is a place in time. Start: One hour before sunset. End: One hour after sunset.

As day flees towards night Fugitive Ground frames everyday experiences bringing awareness to place, being and time.

Fugitive Ground can be a personal or shared experience. It can be as simple as the practice of awareness during the two hours. It can be a conversation between friends or a collective effort to shift perception or make art.

Join us for a NYC fugitive ground, create your own fugitive ground anywhere in the world, share your observations and thoughts.

Fu•gi•tive /ˈfyo͞ojətiv/

  1. transience, evanescence, impermanence, temporary, changeable, velocity
  2. transient, fly, vanish, fade, fleet, evaporate, dream
  3. transitive, passing, fleeting, flying, shifting, ephemeral, impermanent, momentary
  4. temporality ‐ time duration, period, term, stage, space, span, spell, season, course
  5. traveller, voyager, explorer, wanderer, nomad, emigrant, refugee

Ground1 /ground/

  1. region, sphere, area, realm, soil, district, beat, orb, enclave, field, court, street
  2. place, spot, point, area, yard, situation, position, latitude and longitude, floating, post, stage, posture, site, base, environment, neighborhood, location
  3. support, foundation
  4. land, earth

Moon phase 1 2014/05/31, 19:20 ‐ 21:20

Fugitive Ground

Street Staging

2 Harrison Pl, Brooklyn, NY

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